Knights College can add adult scenes by applying the R18 patch.
However, please keep in mind that the presence or absence of the patch does not affect the main storyline, and is only a bonus element.


After downloading the patch below, unzip it using an extractor and follow the instructions inside.
Apply the patch according to the instructions included in the package.

In order to avoid server load, please download the patch from BOOTH.


Patch from BOOTH:

Patch from Server:




Q. The screen stops after the animation.
A. This is caused by a patch error. Please apply the latest patch.


Q. The animation does not play properly.
A. This happens when the video codec is not installed on the PC.
It may be fixed by installing K-Lite Codec Pack.


Q. I’m having trouble applying the R18 patch.
A. Please try turning off your security software completely.
Most of these cases are due to sabotage of the security software.


Q. I want to install the patch, but I can’t find the Steam folder.
A. You may have set the Steam folder to a different location in your individual settings.
We are unable to check this, so please take care of it yourself.